Tejas Chabbra
Date:2021-08-04 08:49:09

Tejas Chabbra, Masters in Accounting

Tejas hails from Delhi, the capital of India. Born in 1994, Tejas developed passion for music from an early age of 16. Even though he completed his Bachelors degree in Economics from prestigious University of Delhi in 2015. Having been independent from childhood, he started import export business and visited China several times till 2017. Demonetization of 2017 in India badly affected his business and he was forced to look for other options to sustain himself.

Through some friends, he learnt about Melbourne being the most liveable city in the world and soon afterwards, he landed in this beautiful city in 2017 to study Masters in Accounting from Monash University. Initial years in Melbourne were full of struggle. He worked for Fund raising initially and soon got himself a part time job in Big W. lack of Indian entertainment in Melbourne, his love for music and push from friends lured him to be a Disc Jockey (DJ) and he started his music journey alongwith his pursuit for a job in taxation.

In 2019, Tejas joined TaxPlanners and soon made his space with his gentle nature, charming smile and courteous behaviour. He was able to grasp concepts quickly and soon became very famous amongst clients. He attended clients query with patience and clarity. Covid-19 put extra responsibilities on his shoulders and despite working from home, he was able to coordinate various matters between clients, our office and ATO without wasting any time or delays. Most of the job-keeper and cash boost issues were looked after by Tejas on behalf of TaxPlanners. He soon mastered Xero, MYOB and Quickbooks and achieved certifications. He assisted various clients adopting new cloud based softwares with ease.

In his free time, Tejas likes to watch movies, building computers and tinkering with IT software in his leisure time. Being a professional Disc-Jockey (DJ), he is able to keep his sanity with a perfect work life balance. Who knows, you may bump into him on some weekend!

Tejas can be contacted at tejas,[email protected] or at 03 9600 0143 Ext 616


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